Arc Flash Infographics

For many people, learning about potentially complex topics is best done using images and other graphics. To help with this, Creative Safety Supply has published two essential infographics that can be used in a classroom setting, printed up and hung as a poster, or handed out to employees.

Arc Flash Infographic

Request the “10 Essential Arc Flash Facts” Infographic

Discover the critical aspects of arc flash hazards with our “10 Essential Arc Flash Facts” infographic. This visual guide succinctly illustrates the key facts and statistics about arc flash incidents, helping you grasp the importance of rigorous safety standards and preventive measures. Whether you’re training staff or updating your safety protocols, this infographic serves as an invaluable tool.

Request your free copy now and arm yourself with knowledge that could save lives and prevent costly accidents.

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Arc Flash PPE infographic

Get the “Arc Flash PPE Categories” Infographic

Understanding the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for various levels of arc flash hazards is crucial for ensuring worker safety. Our “Arc Flash PPE Categories” infographic breaks down the different categories of arc flash protection, detailing the specific types of gear required for each category as defined by safety regulations. Equip your team with the essential information needed to choose appropriate PPE for any situation.

Click here to request this essential infographic published by Creative Safety Supply, and enhance your safety preparedness today.

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