Which Printer is Right for Arc Flash Safety Labels?

Choosing the right industrial label printer for arc flash labeling is crucial for ensuring safety in the workplace. Here we compare two excellent options available at Creative Safety Supply: the Arc Flash Label Printer and the LabelTac® Pro X Arc Flash Bundle. Each printer offers unique features that cater to different needs in the field of electrical safety.

Arc Flash Label Printer

The Arc Flash Label Printer is an all-new model designed to handle a variety of label sizes, from 1/2” to 4” in width, making it versatile for various labeling tasks. This printer is particularly user-friendly, featuring an expanded ribbon capacity which allows for longer printing sessions without the need to change supplies frequently. Its sleek design includes a new color LCD display that simplifies the operation process.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with a wide range of supply sizes.
  • Includes LabelSuite™ Design and Print Software (valued at $299.99), enhancing your ability to create custom labels.
  • Connects easily to any PC or Mac via USB or Ethernet, facilitating quick setup and immediate use.

This printer is ideal for facilities that require a robust, reliable solution for creating durable labels that can withstand harsh industrial environments.

LabelTac® Pro X Arc Flash Bundle

The LabelTac® Pro X Arc Flash Bundle is specifically tailored for creating arc flash warning labels and is equipped with everything needed to start printing immediately. This bundle includes the LabelTac® Pro X industrial label printer, renowned for its high-quality output and durability.

Key Features:

  • Comes with LabelSuite™ label creation software and ARCAD Arc Flash Software, providing a comprehensive solution for arc flash calculations and label creation.
  • Includes a variety of label supplies in different colors and sizes, allowing for customization and flexibility in label design.
  • Designed to produce weatherproof labels, ensuring longevity even in challenging conditions.

This bundle is perfect for organizations that need a complete package for arc flash compliance, offering software tools and materials specifically for arc flash safety.

Making Your Choice

When deciding between the two printers, consider the specific needs of your facility:

  • Volume and Variety of Labels: If you need a printer that can accommodate a wide range of label sizes and handle high-volume printing, the Arc Flash Label Printer is an excellent choice.
  • Specialized for Arc Flash Compliance: If your primary concern is arc flash safety and you want a comprehensive package that includes relevant software, the LabelTac® Pro X Arc Flash Bundle would be more suitable.

Both printers will provide high-quality labels that adhere to safety standards, but your choice will depend on the specific requirements of your workplace and the level of specialization you need in arc flash labeling.

It is important to choose the right label printer for your facility. In most cases, these label printers will be used not only for arc flash related jobs but other things throughout the area as well. Finding the right printer starts with understanding your specific needs and requirements. Before you make a purchase, consider requesting your free copy of the arc flash guide from Creative Safety Supply to learn more about regulatory requirements, best practices, and more.

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